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~ LinkPartners.com - http://linkpartners.com
Free directory of websites who swap links with other websites

Health Resources

~ Randall Gibson, M.Ed., LMT, RPP, CST

~ Healthy Referral - Health information and links to other health related sites. http://HealthyReferral.com

~ Stand up desks, regular desks, other fine Amish wooden furniture. http://StandUpDesks.com

~ How Can You Find Websites For Asthma?
The web's largest resource directory for asthma!  Sites, vendors, health advisors and services -- everything, and I mean everything for finding asthma information! 
Do You Need To Find Asthma Web Sites?

~ The Acne Resource Center                                                                                 http://www.acneresource.org/ 

It is sad to think that many people think chocolate and pizza cause acne (they dont) or that only young people get acne. Learn the scientific truths and separate acne fact from fiction at the Acne Resource Center. This completely free resource is dedicated to providing you with dozens of articles that explain just about every facet and question about acne out there.

~ Dead Sea Products
Natural Care & Beauty Products from the Dead Sea

~ Liquid Glucosamine Sulfate & Chondroitin from TherapyMall
The best value on the market - Therapy equipment, and exercise equipment. From hot/cold pads to weight equipment, aqua-exercise equipment to books and videos.

~ Detox-cleanse.com - Detox, Cleanse and Fast with Daniel Reid
Home of the Webcleanse guided detox & cleanse program with bestselling author & detox guru Daniel Reid. Renew your lease on life - detox now with expert guidance + support of others around the world!

~ Colloidal Silver - Earthborn Products
Monatomic Colloidal Silver-100 ppm. Nature's antibiotic, antiseptic, disinfectant, and all-round solution to many ailments. The best natural remedy in alternative medicine. Read and buy it here now.

~ Get Your Free Customized Weight Loss Plan
Get your free customized weight loss program to raise your metabolism.  Eat six meals a day diet.  This is the best men and women exercise diet. Learn how much water to lose weight.

~ Top Diet Sites
A Valuable Diet Directory and Information Resource.

~ High fiber health and your high fiber diet. The recipe for lifelong health.             http://www.high-fiber-health.com                                                                                             High fiber foods, a high fiber diet and a menu high in fiber are essential to your weight loss program as well as lifelong health and the prevention of disease.

~ Hoodia
Hoodia sells the hot new Hoodia Gordonii product called Hoodia Supreme.

~ Max-Rx
all natural supplements including male enhancement, female enhancement and weight loss products.

~ Cosmedix - Glo Minerals - Skin Care Products
We carry a high quality slection of skin care products from Cosmedix, Glo Minerals, Stephanie Johnson, Kai, Blinc, Sundari, and Korres.

~ 21st Century Leading-Edge Natural Health Products
We offer vitamins and herbal supplements. We also have supplements for prostate problems, male enhancement, breast enlargement, lowering cholesterol, strengthening immune system and anti-aging.

~ At the Menopause and Black Cohosh center, you can get important details on menopause and black cohosh, the latest menopause research, and hormone replacement therapy.

~ Looking for information on Arthritis or Joint Pain? Explore the Glucosomine and Arthritis Center for valuable infomation, advice, messageboards, and clinical research on how to better understand arthritis and its effects. Learn what can be done to maximize joint health so you stay healthy and flexible!

~ Seed Resource Directory
Visit me at http://www.atozseeds.com/links/addurl.htm for other ideas.

~ Natural Health and Home Spa
Unique natural health and home spa products hand-picked by a medical student.  Health question?  Ask for free and receive professional information.  Personal service and fast shipping.

~ Turn Back Time Anti-Aging Products
Gaston Pascal anti-aging skin care products. Anti-wrinkle serum and moisturizers.

~ Acne

Learn how to effectively stop and treat acne and

~ Premium Foods Online
Happy pet life with premium dog, cat, and pet food. Premium, natural and holistic dog, cat and pet food, treats, and flax seed high fiber food. Also see our supplements for Pet Owners, to help you keep up with your pets.

~ Weight Loss Program, Tips, and Information                                                    http://www.weight-loss-resources.com

Provides weight loss tips, articles, reviews, and more.

~ Lateral Thigh Trainer
The Lateral Thigh Trainer System gives you two potent workouts in one machine. A fun, fat burning cardio workout plus a super effective toning workout.


Other Resources

~Stand Up Desks - http://standupdesks.com

Finest Amish wood furniture for office or home.  Desks, credenzas, shelves, bookcases, curios, etc.  Custom orders welcome.

~ Alberts Gifts - http://www.albertsgifts.com
We have the largest selection of Music Gifts in the country.  Other areas of focus include Collectable Cookie Jars, Teapots, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Bobbleheads, City Souvenirs, and Alien gift items.

~ Polyphonic Ringtones Phone Games Mobile Wallpaper - http://www.ezmsg.com
Poly and Monophonic Ringtones, Color Wallpapers, Phone Games and Color Graphics for Cell Phones Worldwide

~ Nokia  Ringtones - http://www.toppoptones.com
Get the latest polyphonic ringtones and mobile phone stuff

~ Website Submission and Templates - http://www.sitetycoon.com
Search Engine Submission, Targeted Traffic Packages, Pre-made website templates and free link exchange!

~ Web Hosting - http://www.neptunewebhosting.com
Neptune Web Hosting will take your web hosting needs to the highest level.

~ Kingston Canada Hotels - http://kingston-ontario-canada.fablis.com
City guide including hotels and travel information.

~ Business Cards - http://www.zolshop.com
Zolshop.com - full color printing solutions including full color business cards

~ Home and Garden Décor - Home Accent Source -
experience for yourself what our loyal customers already know about convenient on-line shopping, real-value pricing, exceptional customer service, and top quality home and garden décor.

~ Bodyline Activewear
Description: Unique active wear and chlorine resistant aqua fitness apparel
for the serious and casual athlete. Monthly specials.

~ Display and Decorative Artist Easels
Offers a very broad selection of display, artist and decorative easels as well as other stands available online.

~ Hot Sauce from Sweat 'N Spice
Buy gourmet hot sauces online from Sweat 'N Spice Hot Sauces. Featuring over 300 hot sauces, bbq sauces and hot wing sauces, we have the heat your looking for!

~ Business Cards
Zolshop.com - full color printing solutions including full color business cards
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~ AnyPhotoAnyBall.com
AnyPhotoAnyBall is a process that can heat transfer any image,logo or text onto fully inflated sports balls. Sold in Baseball Hall of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame and seen in Sports Illustrated.


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