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"Wherever flax seed becomes a regular food item among the people, there will be better health."     - Mahatma Gandhi

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Flax Seed Info

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Flax Seed Facts & Information

FLAX seed is a most important super food -- actually the very best super food you can eat. Flax seed and flax seed oil provide multiple health benefits. Flax and flax oil can prevent or contribute to improvement in many of the health problems that bother millions of people. These include: stress, depression, high cholesterol, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, cancer, constipation, irritable bowel, arthritis and much more.

The term "flax food" includes the whole flaxseed, milled, ground or unmilled; flax oil; and flax meal, which is what is left after the oil is removed. The best flax food is Northern Edge organic milled flax seed from northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

Please explore our website and read about: the wonderful benefits of flax seed; flax seed and cholesterol; comparison of flax products, such as organic flax seed, flax seed oil, ground flax, milled flax seed and golden vs. brown flaxseed.

You will find that the flax seed we offer is far superior to any other -- the flax you'll want for improving your health.


Important Food

Please consider ordering and eating the best organic milled flax seed because:

1) the benefits of flaxseed are so important; 

2) anyone can easily incorporate flax seed in their diet; 

3) virtually everyone will get results they like, and 

4) the cost is very affordable.


Flaxseed Is A Leading Health Product

Consuming high quality flax seed on a regular basis will improve many of the common health problems. You can join the growing thousands of people enjoying the value of flax seed oil and other flax benefits.

Of all the things that are offered for better health, flax seed is among the simplest and lowest in cost with the most definitely noticeable results.

Out of hundreds of natural health products on the market, some of the best selling ones are colon-cleansing bulk fiber products that make bowel movements easy. High quality milled flaxseed is far superior as a gentle soluble fiber, and because of the nutrition it supplies along with the easy BM's.

Omega 3 fish oil capsules and flax oil are quite popular too. But nearly all of those are rancid. High quality organic flax seed, milled and vacuum packed, is much better and has many tasty uses.


Many take protein supplements of various types, often made of soybeans (high in phytoesterols that can affect hormones), or peas, both of which are legumes with anti-digestive factors. High quality milled flax seed has 22% protein, and it is complete with all the essential amino acids.

And our convenient and versatile organic milled flaxseed is WAY less expensive than any of the products mentioned above.


Description of the nutrients in flax seed.

Nutritional profile of Northern Edge organic flaxseed

Why Northern Edge is the best flax seed

"After taking the flaxseed for one week I clearly notice that my elimination has improved. I enjoy the flax in various ways, but especially on salads. I feel good about taking it because it is doing me good."

-- Don D.; Hartville, Ohio

Please consider ordering the best organically-grown flaxseed with

the highest oil level, grown in soils with lowest cadmium and lead.




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This comprehensive powdered mixture of high antioxidant organic greens (eg., dehydrated grass juices, spirulina, etc.), protective herbs, enzymes, pigments, fiber and probiotics; plus many other outstanding super foods. It has an extraordinarily high ORAC (antioxidant) value of 8000.  Good news! -- It is very affordable.

Get your daily super foods, and feel better and better with Delicious Greens 8000TM.



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