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Flax Update # 1

FlaxSeed Quality Is Priority  

I suggest using flaxseed in multiple ways -- on salad, fruit, sandwiches, eggs & potatoes; in cereal, vegetable dishes or grain dishes; in yogurt or cottage cheese; in juices or blender drinks.  You can also use it in baking, in bread or muffins.  Find the ways that you like.   

The far north milled organic flaxseed is far superior to any other flaxseed.  I cannot justify handling any other flax product, which would be inferior.   

This flax is grown at the far northern edge of Canada's rich growing zone, in a large area that has been organically farmed for about 30 years.  This is one of only two areas in North America (both in northern Canada) that is free of cadmium and other toxic metals in the soil.  Europeans have a strict standard for toxic metals, and this area's flax is one of the two sources acceptable there.  

These farmers have perfected their organic methods of growing, harvesting and storing of the flax to insure its superior nutritional content and its  cleanliness. A special handling technique prevents broken seeds.   

The extreme cold climate of this area is ideal for flax.  The highest level of oil content of any flax on the planet is engendered by the cold weather there.  Further, the highest level of the essential fat, Alpha Linolenic Acid, results from the combination of the cold and the soil quality.  

Only the VERY best of the best flax in the world is chosen for milling.  The leftover flax is sold off to other companies or shipped to Europe.  

The milling is necessary for digestion, as whole flaxseeds are hard to chew well and are not broken down by digestion.  

Flaxseeds are commonly ground before consumption.  This is a highly oxidizing process, as the seed is nearly reduced to a powder.  The nutrients in the flax are exposed to the air in the process.  Eating the flax promptly after grinding would minimize the development of rancidity.  On the other hand, if the blades are not properly cleaned each time, the oil residue on the blades becomes rancid and effects the next batch with free radical damage.  

The milling process used by our mill slices the seeds rather than grinding.  In fact the little bit of oil released in the process serves to seal the edges of the tiny pieces, which helps protect the oil and other nutrients inside.  Each piece is like a miniature capsule of digestible super-nutriton.   

As double protection from oxidation and the resulting rancidity, the flaxseed is packed in light-proof bag,s and each bag is instantly vacuum sealed.  Our product has been tested after being stored at room temperature for as much as 16 months from packing, with no detectable rancidity present.  

The mill blades are cleaned thoroughly after each batch, without the use of solvents which would leave a contaminating deposit on the blades.  Other companies that grind flax or produce flax oil routinely use solvents.  

After opening and each use, you just squeeze the air out of the convenient zip-locking, surgically-lined foil bag, reseal it, and keep it in the refrigerator. You will have a superior fresh flaxseed product for the duration of the time it would take to use it.  

Our far north organic milled flaxseed is digestible (unlike unmilled seeds), and ready to use.  Another benefit is the saving of the time that would be involved in grinding and cleaning a grinder. We do have these far north flaxseed available whole for those who prefer to grind their own.

Other brands of whole seeds are not as clean, much lower in oil and ALA content, poorer in other nutrients, and they have too high a level of cadmium and other toxic metals.   Flax draws minerals from the soil well, which is good if they are nutritional, but not when they are toxic metals.      

There is no other flaxseed product like our far north organic flaxseed.


Flax Update # 2
Flax Oil vs. Flax Seed

The oil in flaxseed is particularly rich in Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), an essential fatty acid of which many people experience a deficiency.  The body derives crucially needed Omega 3 fatty acids from ALA.


An "Omega 3" oil product may contain one or more of several oils -- flax oil, evening primrose oil, borage oil, fish oil, etc. 


Omega 3 fish oils (from mackeral, haddock, sardines and salmon) contain the actual Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA & DHA.  However, almost all fish oils have levels of mercury contamination that should be a concern. 

When oil is expelled from its source food, it is exposed to the air and the process of oxidation begins.  Free radicals become active.  These are unstable molecules missing an electron.  They zing around trying to steal an electron from another molecule.  When they do that, they create additional free radicals.  This process is what develops rancidity in oils. 

It is a matter of time from the expelling of the oil as to how rancid it is.  The oil in flax oil capsules is often older and more rancid than liquid flax oil.  If the oil has been refrigerated since being expelled, that slows the rancidity process, but it does not stop it.    

The better brands of liquid flax oil are kept refrigerated and dated with an expiry date.  As the oil gets older, the benefits diminish and the potential harm from free radicals increases.  

Free radicals are very harmful in the body, doing damage to tissues.  Therefore, it is not good to use flax oil outside of the flax seed itself.  Even grinding flaxseed is quite oxidizing, so ground seed should be consumed immediately.


I advocate our far north milled organic flaxseed over ANY oil, both because of oil rancidity problems, and because benefits will be missed  that flax oil alone or other oils do not provide.  Our flax has a 45%+ oil content, of which 60% is ALA -- highest of any flaxseed on the planet. 


There are many nutrients in flaxseed beyond what is in the oil.  For example, lignans are special antioxidants that do very important jobs in the body.


Further, I do not recommend any "ground" flaxseed, as grinding pulverizes the seed, exposing the seed oil to oxidation, and thus rancidity.  The slicing/flaking process used with our milling process protects the fragile oil and other nutrients.


We also have whole seeds available for grinding at home. Other brands of whole seeds, even if they are organic, are of inferior quality.  Their level of oil and the ALA (Omega 3 source fatty acid) is not very high, as well as other nutrients.  Also, the seeds may be dirty,  And the cadmium levels are too high in most North American soil.  Flax draws minerals well -- good and bad -- so you want toxin-free soil.


Our far north organic flaxseed is grown in soil that has been organic for 30+ years, with no heavy metal content.  


These are the very best flax products available.


Flax Update # 3

Flax and Weight Control

Flax oil has long been known to help in weight management. "Linseed oil" capsules were a key component of a very popular weight-loss supplement package which sold in the millions in the 1980's.   

"Linseed Oil" is another name for flax oil commonly used with lower grade oil applied to wood as a lubricant and protective agent.  

Flax oil tends to emulsify fat and cholesterol in the body and move it along.  This is one way that flax helps with weight control, as well as cholesterol and tryglyceride problems. 

However, I do not recommend consuming expelled flax oil or flax oil capsules because of the rancidity problem, and because the oil alone does not provide all the benefits of flaxseed.   

Eating the whole milled flaxseed provides lignans (antioxidants), protein, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, all of which is missed if one consumes just the oil or oil capsules.  

The 26% fiber in flax absorbs and moves dietary fat along the intestine and out, reducing absorption of it.  Thus less of the fats and cholesterol in foods is taken up into the body.  Again, this fiber benefit is not provided by flax oil products.

Our flaxseed is grown in far nothern Canada, one of the few spots in North America where the soil is free of toxic metals such as cadmium. Plus it has been properly cleaned, cared for and even tested to make sure it is free of other contaminants.   

Due to the cold northern climate and rich organic soil where it is grown, our far north flaxseed is 45% oil, of which 60% is Alpha Linolenic Acid, a crucially-needed Essential Fatty Acid.  No other flax comes close to this oil content.


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