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Wheat grass can provide us with many benefits. The juice of the grass is a living food, rich in vitamin B complex, chlorophyll, beta carotene, and other vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Wheat grass juice is one the most important super foods. If grown on ideal soil, it contains the entire spectrum of needed nutrients, including the crucial plant pigments, chlorophyll (green) beta carotene and other carotenes (reddish orange). 

Almost no one allergic to wheat has a problem with the wheat grass juice. In the green vegetative stage, the plant does not contain the problematic gluten which is found in the grain itself and its products.

Wheat is one of the cereal grasses. Other ones are barley, oats, rice, rye, kamut and spelt. They grow similarly to the grass in a lawn. The planted seeds send up small green shoots which are teeming with enzymes and vitality.

Although the grains of cereal grasses are edible and somewhat nourishing, providing food for masses of people the world over, the juice extracted from the tender young grasses offers the most useable nutrition. There are problematic compounds in all grains, especially wheat, that are bypassed by using them to grow grass for extracting the juice.


Wheat Grass Benefits

The germ of the wheat kernel is the highest source among known foods of octacosanol, a nutrient that helps the cells make energy and has many other benefits; and of Vitamin E, manganese and chromium.

These are also present in wheat grass more than other grasses, which make it highly desirable as a health food.

Wheat grass juice is known as a powerful healing agent. Beyond the detoxification and renewal derived from its chlorophyll, carotene and enzymes, the synergy of its array of nutrients restores vitality. For over 25 years, a number of centers of healing have focused on wheat grass juice as a key aspect of helping many gravely ill people back to health.


Grow Your Own

You can grow your own wheat grass in a shallow tray with about 1/2 to 3/4 inch of organic potting soil, judicious watering and abundant sunlight. In just 10 days it is ready for harvest. You would snip it off near the bottom.

Since the fiber is too rough for the digestive tract, the juice is extracted from the grass using a juicer designed for processing wheat grass. A less thorough option is to chew the grass until most of the goodness has been drawn out.

We have a Wheat Grass Growing Kit available for those who would like to get started with home production. And we have affordable wheat grass juicers as well.


Back To Basics

Wheat Grass Growing Kit

includes: Four 10" X 20" growing trays, seeds, peat moss & vermiculite sterile soil, kelp fertilizer & instructions for successful crops; + The Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore

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MIRACLE Wheat Grass Juicer

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Wheat Grass Juicer

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NOTE: We also have high quality electric juicers that will process wheat grass. Visit: http://Juicerama.com


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