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"Wherever flax seed becomes a regular food item among the people, there will be better health."     - Mahatma Gandhi

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Northern Edge

Organic Flax Seed

The Best There Is

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Organically-Grown & Tested

Highest in Flax Oil and ALA Essential Fatty Acid

Lowest in Toxic Metal Contaminants

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Simply The Best Organic Flaxseed

Lab Test Results for Contaminants (pdf format): 2017, 2021, 2022

(These results mean that common toxins are extremely low, nearly undetectable, in N Edge Flax.)


~ The growing, harvesting, testing and storage methods of the conscientious organic farmers in Saskatchewan who raise flax seed for our product result in the cleanest and most nutritious flax seed product on the market, with no rancidity.

~ Their careful procedures eliminate broken seeds which can contaminate a batch with rancidity. Our growers are paid six times as much for their organic flax seed as would be paid for normal flax seed at the grain elevator.

~ This is a very rare flaxseed, only found in two areas of Canada, that is acceptable under Europe's strict import standards for the toxic heavy metal cadmium, due to the insignificant content of it in this flax.

~ No other flaxseed is as high in oil content and ALA (Omega 3 source) content. 

~ Northern Edge organic milled flaxseed is milled by a special 1-bag-at-a-time slicing and packing method that seals the oil in the pieces and minimizes its exposure to air, heat, light and rancidity. 

~ Our milled flaxseed is cold-milled in the dark directly into the light-proof container and instantly vacuum-sealed.

Other producers mill their lesser quality flax seeds into a large hopper where it sits for a length of time, then they fill the containers from there. 

Flax oil makes up a large segment of the flax product market. The oil is expelled from the flax seeds leaving behind the protein, the fiber, and most of the most of the antioxidant lignans, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. So with flax oil the consumer is missing much of the nutrition and benefits of the whole flax seed.

Exposure to light and oxygen begins the spoilage process. Rancidity quickly spreads through an oil-rich medium like an infection. Free radicals create more free radicals (peroxides). So flax oil, oil capsules or other brands of pre-ground flax are NOT the best choices for the consumer.

Northern Edge organic flaxseed combines the benefits obtained from consuming fish oils or flax seed oil, with fiber (including mucilage soluble fiber), high quality protein and antioxidants (lignans), plus vitamins, minerals and enzymes, all in one complete wholesome food product.


"After taking the flaxseed for one week I clearly notice that my elimination has improved. I enjoy the flax in various ways, but especially on salads. I feel good about taking it because it is doing me good."

-- Don D.; Hartville, Ohio


Why Milled Flaxseed?

Whole un-milled flax seeds are NOT digestible by humans. The whole seeds only act as good fiber for the intestine. (In fact the intact seed moves so efficiently that after it passes through the digestive tract it can be planted and it will grow.)

Flax seeds need to be milled to allow the digestive juices to extract the nutrients contained in the seed to be absorbed. However, bulk milled flax seeds or flax oil may rapidly go rancid by exposing the oil to light and air, resulting in a poor shelf-life.

Properly prepared and protected, milled flaxseed can be eaten raw, blended into drinks, sprinkled on ice cream or cooked and baked into items without losing much of its nutritional value.


About Grinding Flax At Home

We do have Northern Edge Organic WHOLE Flax Seeds available upon request for home grinding.

Other brands of flax seeds, even when organically-grown, are inevitably too high in toxic metals and other contaminants, and too low in oil, Omega 3 source fatty acid and other nutrients. There is no other flax that even approaches the quality of ours.

However, if the blades of a grinder are not cleaned properly each time, rancid oils remain to infect the next batch with free radicals. On the other hand, cleaning with typical dish soap can leave traces of chemicals as well as oil residues on the blades.

You can avoid the tedious grinding and clean-up when you choose our ready-to-eat milled seed, which is doubly protected from oxygen and rancidity.

Either way, Northern Edge Organic  Flax Seed is the superior flax seed to consume.


"Love your flax product. Vicki loves it even more than me. Wants to know if you keep it in stock. Has several friends who she thinks will also want some."

-- Jim G.; Akron, Ohio


Please consider ordering the best organically-grown flaxseed with

the highest oil level, grown in soils with lowest cadmium and lead.




Why Northern Edge is the best flax seed

Nutritional profile of Northern Edge organic flaxseed

Description of the nutrients in flax seed


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